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How To Properly Evaluate A Business Opportunity:

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How To Get Excellent Results With Traffic Exchanges Intro:

How To Get Excellent Results With Traffic Exchanges:

The Importance Of Focused, Targeted Marketing:

Marketing, and Marketing Funnels: A Better Understanding

Common individual elements of a Marketing funnel are:

Company Banners, Safe-List (Email) Ads, and Text Ads. Some Companies will provide a Replicated Website Page,

or a Replicated Page with an Opt-In Form built into it.

For yourself as an Affiliate Marketer, the initial understanding for successful marketing is obviously simple:

Just do what everyone else seems to do, and run all over the internet displaying the Company provided materials.

The provided materials all lead directly back to the Company itself through your Affiliate Link.

You start seeing $$$ Dollar Signs $$$ thinking how much money you'll be making just a few hours from now...

You log into your Company Back-Office after a few hours with great expectations, only to see little or no results.

What happened? What could possibly have gone wrong?

The most common problem I see is people trying to directly promote a company link. Usually the Promoter is excited

and wants to start earning immediately. They grab Company Banners, and their Affiliate Link, then promote anywhere

and everywhere. That process is the least effective of all.

So What Is The Simple and Effective Solution ?

Instead of trying to promote directly to a Company Website, you must first add a powerful Tool...

Lead Capture and AutoResponse:

You can still use the same marketing sources you did in the first illustration, but this time a series of

Email messages describing the benefits of becoming involved with the company are sent to the potential

new recruit.

They are now automatically guided to join your program through a series of daily reminders that take

them through an organized, systematic process.

It is a well-known marketing fact that it takes about seven exposures to an offer before a buying decision

is usually reached, and therefore:

The money may be in the Marketing List, but the True Fortune is in the Follow-Up.

All highly successful Marketers use Lead Capture before sending you to the Company Website to Join.

Why The Direct Promotion Method Is Never Effective :

People try to direct promote for weeks... they end-up burned-out by exhausting every possible lead they

can throw their link or Banner at. They may actually get a couple sign-ups, but then the new sign-ups don't

become active participants in the program.

Nobody wants to participate in all that confusion, as there is no structure or organized method they can

follow by trying to promote anything that way.

A Company Banner has the Company name branded on it... so if the Banner just takes me directly to the

Company site you want me to join: I will just click away, seach the company name on a Search-Engine

and look for much better detailed information than you just presented me with.

Rest assured, that when I find the details I am looking for: I know I will also have found a better

choice for a Sponsor! Ouch !!

Running around trying to promote a direct link to an offer is just a one-time exposure to people who are

multiple exposure buyers... please, please, please, stop doing that to yourself !!

What would happen if you did manage to get 8 or 10 sign-ups after a month of putting all your spare time

into a direct promotion?

How will you keep track of who you should follow-up with? Who did you send to a presentation?

How will you establish reliable communications with them?

Loiter around a Social Media site hoping to chat with them someday once again?

You probably don't have their email adrress, and even if you did; it will probably bounce, or go

directly into their Spam Folder, where they will probably never see it.

What if they have a question for you? They don't have any reliable way of contacting you either.

See how direct link and Banner promotion is a powerless form of Marketing?

Replicated Company Websites With Lead Capture Forms :

A step in the right direction, but still a swing and a miss.

You can get better results using these Company provided Replicated Lead-Capture sites, but you would

still be building the company's Marketing List, and not a list you would own yourself.

Some companies provide access to the email addresses of those who sign-up to your replicated pages,

others do not.

The best solution to get consistent results growing your own Marketing List that only you own and

control is: to have your own Lead-Capture and AutoResponse System you can apply to any business you

are promoting.

Having such a system, provides a simple process easily duplicated by any person joining your business.

The odds are: they need the same automated system you are using.

Join our Lead Capture and AutoResponse System as an Affiliate,

and finally begin to be far more successsful.

The KISS Team provides: A high-converting Generic Messages Series you can easily edit and apply

to any business you are promoting.

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Thank You, and have a better future!

Brad Alguire
Creator / Administrator
The KISS Team

Brad Alguire
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