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Advertising Suggestions Based on Experience:

Instead of just running around and plastering your Ads anywhere, and everywhere, thinking you need vast

quantities of sign-ups; it is best to know who you are looking for, and how many people you really need.

Think quality, not quantity. Just 3 to 5 like-minded people who are sincerely interested in what we want

to achieve for each other, is all you really need. We use this website as a duplicatable system for everyone to

follow. Network Marketing is: Teach to Teach to Teach. Your small initial group will grow promptly to dozens,

then hundreds of members, as long as everyone commits to following this system, without significant deviation.

Where to Find Excellent People for your Network:

Your ''Warm Market'' is by far the best place to start. People you already know who value your opinion,

people who already respect you, or look up to you. Online or offline Social Networks are fantastic places to

begin, as you already have an established relationship with those people.

I strongly advise caution if you plan to approach relatives. Relatives tend to be protective to the point of controlling.

When they see a family member deviating from what they perceive as safe or normal behaviour, they will try to

correct and discourage that behaviour. This is a general rule of thumb, and there are of course always

exceptions. Only yourself as an individual can answer the question: ''Should I approach family members with this?''

Q; What exactly are we offering?

A: A business opportunity, a complete business system, a future, hope, a systematic means or vehicle to deliver our

members to a prosperous new lifestyle!

More Places to Find Excellent People for your Network:

Make a list of people you know who are entrepreneurial. Are you already involved with a group of like-minded

individuals or a group online or offline? Are there self-employed people you know who repair vehicles, or are

trades-people, like Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Painters, Landscapers? Who does snow removal, or window

cleaning, or house cleaning in your area? Do you know people who sell door-to-door, or have home-partys for

cosmetics, candles, nutrition products, food storage containers? These are all entrepreneurial people and can

be very approachable, as they are often looking for other things to do when things are at times slow for them.

Often they are looking for ways to supplement their income, especially if their regular work is


You should be able to write-up a list of 10 to 20 people in just a few minutes. You do not need a large quantity

of people. Start with just the 5 top picks from your list, and contact those 5 people. Each day try to think of 1

more person you can add to your list, and make it a goal to contact at least 1 person each day.

Ask any of these entrepreneurs for their professional opinion about your home-based business opportunity.

Most people are happy to offer their opinion. Often they will become interested themselves without you having

to ask them if they would like to join.

If you think this process is difficult, it is not, and any discomfort or hesitation you feel probably originates

from the ridiculous negative conditioning we're exposed to from sales scare-tactics we get exposed to online by

desperate companies, or their representatives who try to sell you their nonsense claiming ''You will fail without

our special software, system, or methods!'' This is not a time to be affraid, it is an opportunity to be happy

and excited about the great news, and positive things you are about to bring into another person's life. Never

let such ridiculous garbage from the past contaminate your future. Move forward now with pride, confidence,

and integrity.

The Importance of Setting Some Goals:

You should set goals to Sponsor your first 3 members within the next 7 to 21 days. Im most cases, that would be

an easily obtainable goal, and a goal without a deadline is just a dream. Telling yourself: ''I want to do this

some day soon, or some day next week'' will lead to ongoing procrastination. ''Some Day'' does not exist on any


Advertising to people you do not know:

This process is known as cold marketing, since you are advertising to people you do not know, and they

will not know you either. You can still get excellent results with a cold-market, but it will understandably

require more persistence, than working with your warm market. It is an excellent way to connect with people

all over the world. When your team grows internationally; you really can make money when you sleep!

Typical places to place your advertisements are: Safe-Lists, Text Ad Exchanges, classified Ad Websites and

Newspapers, Specialized Advertising websites, Blogs, and Ezines.

It is important to identify your target market. You are looking for people interested in income opportunities

The types of categories you want to advertise in could be almost anything related to personal finance, such as:

income opportunities, business opportunities, work at home, work from home, home based business,

entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs wanted, small business, business assistance, business improvement.

A Final Note Before Riding Off Into The Sunset with Text Ads and Banners:

Often in marketing you'll hear the term: ''It's just a numbers game!'' Well, that term is widely misunderstood,

and subsequently misused. Advertising, and the ratio of people exposed to your advertising versus the number

of people who express interest in your Ad by requesting more information is definitely ''A Numbers Game.''

All individuals who looked at your Ad, and responded to it, or ignored it, are people, real human beings looking

for certain things.

Your Ad will be floating in a Sea of other marketer's Ads, so the fact that anyone opted-in for more information

or not deserves your full respect. People are not just numbers, and we do not see what we do as insignificant as

a game. We have an opportunity to enhance and improve our lives, as well as the lives of others. Please treat

what we do, and those we interact with, with importance, and respect.

We Mainly use Traffic Exchanges to display our Team Pages,

but using a 3-way combination of Team Pages, Banner Ads, and Text Ads

on TE's is proven to be the most effective combination.

Traffic Exchanges:

Please divide your total weeky hits equally between the following two TE's,
as they are balanced for the current size of our Team:

Froggy Hits

Hit Safari

If you manage to saturate your credits on the above TE's,

(Have a surplus of credits at the end of the week)

after listing our Team page 4 to 5 times in each TE:

Join Ant Surf, and put some of your extra time in on the smaller, but growing site.

Ant Surf



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Text Ads:

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Safe-Lists & Mailers:

Ad Troopers

MidnightSun SafeList

LandMarketing Mailer

Safe-List & Mailer Ads:

Note: Try not to put more than 8 to 10 words in each sentence,

as nobody wants to try to read a huge congested block of text.

Use double line spacing, and keep your message short

The Subject Line is the most important - make people want to open it

The Body must make them curious, or enticed to click your link for more information

Just copy and paste any of these:

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