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Hi !
Welcome to the Keep It Simple System (KISS) Team's - MX Revshare Group.
We Applaud the The Addition of MX Rev Share to the long list of highly
successful and active Businesses developed by James Lee Valentine, and
Janus Nowak.
My name is Brad Alguire, the Creator / Administrator of the Team.
My compliments to you for having the wisdom to take a look at the
MX opportunity while it just launched November 2015 ! It is still
in a very early growth stage, yet designed to run for many years.

Rev Share Success Introduction (30 Seconds)

Rev Share Success Secrets A Thorough Examination (17 minutes)

James Lee Valentine's Very Impressive Power of Positive Thinking, Focus, and Success:

Note: If You Only Watch One Video On This Page, Please Make Sure It Is This One!

It is very helpful, and less than 5 minutes long:

The MX corporation is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and therefore

is not govererned by strict and outdated USA and Canadian Laws for Advertising Platforms.

To take immediate positive action, and start building your MX income and profitable future:
Just 3 quick steps:
1: Bookmark This Page
2: Get in touch with the person who sent you here, and ask for their referral link to sign-up with.
If you arrived here through one of our Advertising campaigns, then
2: Just click the Sponsor Rotator link below, and our System
will select a Sponsor from our Group and send you to the MX Website to join with them.
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James Lee Valentine's 2020 and Beyond Long-Term Commitment:


Hi Brad,

You know I just realized since I joined your Team:
I've never been associated with a Program, a Team, or an Individual
as awesome as you.

I just want you to know how much I personally appreciate all the
hard work you are doing to make all of us in this venture successful.

I know it will come back to you tenfold, you deserve it.
Once again thank you for all you have done,
and are still doing !

I can't wait to some day get up to Canada and meet you personally !

Best Regards, Robert L., Proud KISS Team Member


Before I was introduced to the KISS Team,
I had a difficult time keeping my downline active.

I then became involved with the KISS Team,
and every day since; I have never looked back.

Brad Alguire is a Diamond in the tough World of Online Business!

Thank You Conductor, You're The Man !

P.S. If You want to be a part of a Team with pure integrity,
expert guidance, and support: Join us today !

Heather D., Proud KISS Team Member


Thank you for everything you do! You are an amazing Team Leader.

Gordon B., Proud KISS Team Member


If you're having any doubts deciding to join The Kiss Team;
let me assure you: you will never regret it!

Brad Alguire is a REAL Team Leader who actually cares about
every member of this amazing team.

Brad created a well orgnized system with easy to follow
instructions. You will never feel stranded with the task of
trying to figure things out on your own.

He works tirelessly for the whole team.
If you ever do have a question; He responds very quickly.

Join us today and get ready to enjoy the ride!

Peter N., Proud KISS Team Member


Still not sure? Prefer to get more details?

Page 2 has additional information including a thorough

one hour business interview with James Lee Valentine

The MX Revshare Charitable Foundation

The Ambassador Awards Program

Click for Page 2

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Best Regards,
Brad Alguire
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The KISS Team

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