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All In One Profits (AIOP) Quick Start:

To promote the AIOP AutoResponse System on its own, or use it to promote your own Programs:

Request the message series Zip Files from:

Detailed instructions with Screen-Shots are included in the Zip File.

For your convenience; the Zip File contains both MicroSoft Word (.doc) files, as well as

Open Office (.odt) formatted files.

You can unzip the files with 7zip, a very small free to use downloadable program:

Get 7Zip here: Click Here

Which version to get: There is a 32 bit version, and a 64 bit version.

You can pick the one that matches your Operating System.

Go to "Computer" in your menu, then select "System Properties"

This should tell you if you are using a 32 or 64 bit Operating System.

After reading the instructions from the Zip File, you can send your 5 digit Form Code to

We can then create your AIOP Lead Capture Page, and send you the URL Link to it.

Review: Just 3 steps:

(1) Request the Message Series Zip File

(2) Follow the instructions included in the Zip File

(3) Send us your 5 digit Form Code (explained in the instructions)

Now you can build your Marketing List, and get AIOP paid Referrals at the same time.

MXRevshare / MXWorld Quick Start:

Purchase as many Ad-Packs as you feel comfortable affording.

We can't dictate how much you purchase, as that is your decision to make.

You can purchase as little as 5 dollars worth of Advertising, or as much

as you can afford. There are no upper limits.

To be included in our KISS Team Member Rotator to get sign-ups to MXR:

You need to have a minimum value of 200 worth of Ad-Packs. This can be done

as a one-time purchase, or you can start with a smaller amount, and build

your Account up to that level for Rotator inclusion.

In your best interest: it is best to get an AIOP Account for just 10 dollars a month.

Then we can provide you with your own Lead Capture page to promote your MXR Account,

and get Referrals while building your Marketing List. (optional, but strongly suggested)

Get an AIOP Account through one of our Team Members

The more passive option: skip the AIOP Account, save 10 dollars a month, and advertise the

KISS Team's MXR Rotator Page, so you get sign-ups while building the KISS Team Marketing

List only.

Team Link to advertise

Marketing Instructions Common To All KISS Team Programs:

One of our largest sources of free and low cost leads are Traffic Exchanges.

Wwe've used T.E.'s to build huge opt-in lists totaling over 700 people.

If you have not watched my Traffic Exchange Training Video yet, please do so now,

and that way these recommendations will make more sense to you:

Traffic Exchange Training

It is 9.5 minutes, and will save you hours of frustration and futility.

The most common mistake people make with TE's is joining one that is way too big for

an individual to get good market penetration. If you are working completely on your

own to sell something, and not working from a Team or group environment:

You need to work with smaller TE's such as:

Click Voyager:

Surfing Old School:

If you working as a group with the same, or similar looking Ads or Replicated Websites,

for the purpose of building your Marketing Team larger:

You will need to start with smaller TE's at first, and gradually move your group to

larger TE's balanced for your group size, as you saturate the TE and get the vast

majority of leads from it.

Stay on each TE for at least 30 days advertising daily,

and stay with that TE until you see your results continually diminishing over a

14 to 21 day period.

Never assume that if you get low results for just a day or two, it is time to move on.

Many things affect daily marketing results, such as the day of the week,

and Worldly influences such as Sporting events, Holidays, widespread Storm conditions,

Elections, large scale Computer Network outages, Seasonal changes.

There are lots of things to consider that are external to your efforts,

so just be aware of that.

Once your results have diminished to a point where it is no longer viable for sales volume,

or rate of opt-ins: it is time to move to another TE of similar size (for individuals) or a

larger TE (as a growing Team or group).

After you have outgrown, or bled dry a specific TE, you can always come back to it a couple

months later, and milk it dry of leads for your specific Ad again. This is because the

Membership Base of the TE will now contain many new Marketers who have joined over the

past couple of months. Your Ads will be a fresh experience for the new Members who

recently joined the TE, as well as the regular Members, who will see your Ad or company

is still going.

Consider buying a monthly Membership upgrade, or even an annual upgrade to these sites,

as you can pass your links to your downlines to earn discounts,

and higher commission percentages.

Join Froggy Hits:

Join Hit Safari:

When entering your Website on any TE - You can list the same identical link multiple times

to get more daily exposures.

Example : Websites 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 = The same Website Link:

Both Froggy Hits, and Hit Safari allow 5 identical site listings.

Always try to keep Credits assigned to your Ads,

check your TE's daily to see what kind of rate of dispersal there is on your credits.

Smaller volume sites may consume 20 credits per Link per day,

while larger volume TE's may disperse 60 or more.

To Manually surf up to 7 TE's at once for for extra Credits,

we recommend a special TE Surfing Browser called “Traffic Browser.”

Traffic Browser is no cost, is designed specifically for surfing TE's,

and is a huge time saver by letting you block Auto-Play Videos, Audios, and Pop-Ups.

It allows you to automatically advance through several Browsing Tabs,

and even logs you into several TE's simultaneously.

It is an independent Browser like FireFox,

and is only active when you use it for a surfing session.

When you close Traffic Browser: your system returns to using its default Internet Browser.

Download it here:

Traffic Browser

Advertising Volumes and AutoPilot Advertising:

We suggest you get a minimum of 500 views per week to any opportunity you are promoting.

1000 views per week is recommended.

Consistency is one of the most important factors for any advertising campaign.

If your Ad credits run out: nobody will see your ad again until you've replenished the credits.

You can put your Ads on autopilot by simply purchasing sufficient credits each week to keep

your Ad Credits from running out.

Many people manually surf the TE's to gain more credits, while others do a combination of

surfing and buying extra credits when they are at times offered at discount rates.

It all depends how much time you are willing to put toward building your business.

How much time you spend advertising depends on how fast you want to get results.

On average, most people will spend between 1 to 3 hours per day building their business.

Traffic Exchanges are an excellent source of new Leads for you,

and many will combine TE advertising with Safe-List advertising, as well as Social Media.

No matter what method, or combination of methods you choose to drive traffic to your offer:

always get the potential sign-up on to your Marketing List first with a Lead Capture system.

You can use AIOP, TrafficWave, Aweber, or other brands, but it should be independent of any

Program you are promoting.

You need to always buid a list you have complete access to, rather than the limited access

that most Program-provided Lead Capture and AutoResponse Systems have.

See our Training Page for more details on AutoResponse Systems,

under "Marketing, and Marketing Funnels: A Better Understanding"

Growing your Marketing List each day is what turns a Cold Market into a Warm Market List.

With a large Warm Market List: you can Sponsor large volumes of people into most any

Program you wish, just by sending out one broadcast message.

Powerful stuff, and that is how the top Sponsors do it, and why you often see familiar

names at the top of the Leaderboards in different Programs.

We don't leave anything to just "chance" or "luck,"

We work at a proven process that over a period of time, gets you results.

Good Marketing !

Brad Alguire
© 2016