- Frequently Asked Questions

~ A Progressive Income Network of Webpreneurs ~

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q: Does it cost anything to join the KISSTeam?

A: Absolutely not. Our KISSTeam System and Website are completely free resources for you.

Q: Do I have to have a Sponsor?

A: Yes, each of our programs require you to have a Sponsor, and upgrade from free Member to the most basic level.
The KISS Team is administered from this site, and you would go through our simple process of having our
Rotator System select a Sponsor for you.

Details are included in the first email you receive when opting-in on our Team Page(s).

Links to opt-in to our Team Pages can be found in the Our Programs section of our site.

Q: Do I get paid commissions directly by the KISSTeam?

A: No, you get paid directly by each program / company you are a member of. The KISSTeam neither accepts, or disperses

Q: Do I join all the suggested programs at the same time?

A: Definately not! You join our first program via your Sponsor's link, then when comfortable,
you can join as few, or as many programs as you wish.

Q: Will I be expected to eventually join all the programs?

A: No, there is no requirement to join all the programs. Join as few, or as many as you wish.

Q: Can you set-up my ________ brand AutoResponder Service to work with the KISSTeam?

A: No, sorry, but we don't do that. I can send you our letter series, and you can set it up yourself.

Q: I was already a member of one or more of the KISSTeam programs before the KISSTeam system existed,
can I still join the KISSTeam, or do I have to change my memberships in those programs?

A: You can still join, but yes, you would have to change your membership and Sponsor for that program.

Q: How Do I advertise the KISSTeam?

A: Suggested Advertisements, and a growing list of places to post your ads can be found in our Resources section.

Brad Alguire
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