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Hi, Thanks for visiting!

I'm Brad Alguire. I live in a beautiful rural area of Canada.

I have a very strong background in Management, Marketing, and Electronics design.

I've been involved with marketing both offline, and online for over 20 years.

Business Management for over 25 years.

To give you an example of my determination to run a business successfully:

About 20 years ago, I wanted to start my own consumer electronics repair business. I was told there

were already 5 repair shops in the immediate area, and the small population could simply not

support another shop. I knew I could offer better service than the other shops, and I even offered

guarantees with my work. Over a 5 year period, I built a customer base of over 1400 customers. Most

of my business was repeat business from loyal customers who wanted all their electronics goods

repaired by me. Some of my customers drove as far as 3 hours away, and passed several other repair

shops to ensure I was the only shop that did their work.

I have the same determination with the KISSTeam as I had with my repair business. I have thought all

aspects of this business out thoroughly. It will be successful.

You will not find much high-graphics anything on this site, no bells, whistles, or dancing bears.

Why waste peoples time with useless distractions. This is a business, and as a complete system,

it works! I think that is more than 60% of online work from home businesses can say for themselves.

I will be building long-term reliable, monthly residual income with the KISSTeam, you are welcome

to be part of its success, join us!

Common Problems With Other Systems:

The most prominent problems I have seen for marketers are in the online arena. One common

pattern I've noticed, is how you can join a program at what seems to be a reasonable cost, then

surprise: you need to buy several more services to have a chance at getting that program

into profits. Well, I don't like such unpleasant surprises, I'd prefer transparency and honesty.

(please stop laughing, and continue reading!)

I was finding many business opportunities were not very well organized, and were extremely

time consuming to set-up. Some of the program owners must think you have an extra 6 hours a day to

attend trainings just to figure out how to use their systems! Not very part-time friendly.

Ever attended one those 2 hour ''Fake-it until they make-it'' webinars telling you how wonderful

everything is? Somewhere in that session you probably heard: ''We will soon have this working.''

Seems funny how their comments never quite reflect the claims their $100 generic sales-pitch video

(that anyone can buy) boldly stated they were: ''A highly successful team of marketing professionals

who were responsible for bringing billions of dollars into their companies."

If they really had all that success, where did their money go? Certainly not into the new program,

because it is obviously under-financed, under-staffed, incomplete, and full of bugs and glitches.

Perhaps the money they spent on their alleged mansions, and sports car maintenance consumed their now

absent fortunes. Maybe they grossly under-estimated the wages for the gardener who had to follow them

around sweeping up all that paper currency we see precipitating down on them.

I have seen far too much of this hyper-lie anything goes bullcrap, and chances are you're sick of it too.

My Solution:

I decided there was no reason why I couldn't create my own realistic system that is designed

specifically for Part-Timers.

I want people to see positive results when they can only afford a few dollars to get started,

and only 20 minutes of spare time a day to advertise / promote.

I also wanted my system to be financially progressive and well diversified.

I put a lot of thought into all aspects of the KISSTeam system, so it would be affordable

to everyone, simple to use, is part-timer friendly, and has the ability to create significant,

life-changing monthly income for you.

I have indeed created that system. I am honored to present to you:

The KISSTeam Progressive Income System.

Use it to build the life you truly deserve !

Respectfully Yours,

Brad Alguire

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