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The KISSTeam acronym stands for The Keep It Simple System Team .

I created this simple system and website with these essential considerations in mind:

(1) Offer people a free to use system they can use in their spare time to earn reliable, residual monthly online income.

(2) Design a system that takes less than 30 minutes to fully understand.

(3) Create a system where members can see positive results by spending as little as 30 minutes with, 3 or 4 times a week.

(4) Offer additional yet optional programs the same team members can diversify into.

(5) Use only well established companys who have proven track records of reliably paying commissions to their members.

Most companys you will be involved with within our system have been in business for years, some for over a decade.

Each company within our system has a sustainable business model that allows the company to survive, and its members prosper.


Most people already work long days, and have great difficulty finding huge blocks of time to commit to a 2 to 4 hour
learning process, or trying to figure out highly technical systems before they have a chance of sending out their
first ad.

Other programs charge monthly fees for the use of their basic system, then you find you have to pay extra for each
puzzle piece just to get their system to work effectively.

The KISSTeam system eliminates all that ridiculous nonsense.

There are:

No fees for using our system.

No hidden costs within any of the programs in our system.

No special software to buy, or complicated processes to learn.

The KISSTeam acts as funnel system where you can build a Downline Team through our

Team Pages, Training, and Give-Aways. You do not require any recruiting or sponsoring skills.

Joining more than 1 program is completely optional.

We have Bonus Affiliate Rotation Systems for most of our Programs.

These Rotators create random Referrals for our Members.

(Some minimum requirements for inclusion in Rotation may apply, depending on the structure of the Program)

There is no cost for using our System.

For optimal results; we strongly suggest you follow our proven strategies in the Free Marketing Training

we provide through KISS Comm, our Communication and Training Channel.

KISS Comm is Free Marketing Training for anyone and everyone. It also provides regular Team updates,

and complete transparency of our entire System. Opt-In Link at bottom of this page.


We focus on helping you get started with our very simple instructions delivered by AutoResponder when you sign-up.
Advertising for any of our programs are available on our resources page.

I strive to ensure the system remains very easy to use, and offer thoroughly explained step-by-step instructions.

We keep our FAQ section up to date to minimize the need for new sign-ups to contact you with numerous questions you
would normally expect from complicated systems and programs.

Brad Alguire
© 2016